Saying No to Dialysis, But Which Way?

Majid Ali, M.D.

In 2004, I prepared a 90-minute DVD entitled “Saying No to Dialysis” to patient education. Over the years, nearly everyone who saw the DVD told our staff that they found it very illuminating in its scientific content and practical guidelines.

On March 31, 2015, The New York Times published an article on dialysis entitled “Learning to Say No to Dialysis.” I glanced it and knew I had to read it word by word. I knew there are two ways of saying No to dialysis:

First, to make dialysis unneeded by a program of reversing kidney failure.

Second, to say No to dialysis and accept death on a short order.

The New York Times Lets Readers Down, Again

The New York Times has a long tradition of letting readers down. It seldom, if ever, serves them by offering them authentic counterpoints to its positions by practitioners who actually reverse chronic diseases by natural remedies. It did so again on March 31, 2015 when its article on dialysis was titled “Learning to Say No to Dialysis.”

Patients Are Not Adequately Informed About the Burdens

The above words made up a caption in the Times’ articles. It sounds very noble and it is so but in one limited way. The thrust o the Times’ article is to honor the right of people who wish not to live with dialysis. This would be supported by all reasonable people. But most readers will not recognize the problem with the Times’ article.

Times Completely Ignored Natural Therapies That can Reverse Kidney Failure

True to its traditions, the newspaper said nothing about natural remedies that can help reverse kidney failure to such degrees that health is significantly improved and the need for dialysis eliminated or delayed for years.

My Qualifications for Challenging The New York Times:

1. I am the senior author of a textbook of pathology of dialysis.

2. I have published articles to document cases in which blood creatinine level (the gold standard for kidney function) were lowered and the need for dialysis was obviated. Indeed, none of our patients presented with blood creatinine level of less than 4 mg/mL had to go on dialysis.

3. I am the producer of a 90-minute DVD in which I present central scientific facts concerning the matter and offer my guidelines for natural remedies.

I refer the reader to citations to the above in my bibliography at

Saying No to Dialysis DVD

For people interested in more information about reversing kidney failure, please consider my DVD entitled “Saying No to Dialysis – Reversing Kidney Failure” available at


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