Sleep – A Window to the Soul

An Article of Dr. Ali’s Sleep Library

Majid Ali, M.D.

The more troubled the soul, the worse the sleep. But matters of the soul are tough, aren’t they? you ask. Yes, they are but so are those of sleep.

Some readers who have endured fears, anxiety, and sleepless nights for years might at the above words uncharitable. However they are not likely to question the soul-sleep connection, the essential validity of the words in the title of this article.

The holes in the soul cannot be repaired by drugs, nor can those of sleep. Here are some other words that might offend many: Drug companies are ecstatic thet doctors prescibe the ri drugs eagerly but seldom think about what they prescribe.

Here is something else relevant:

* Anybody who speaks against drugs is a fool.

* Anybody who speaks against natural remedies for sleep is a bigger fool.

* Anybody who speaks words like above is a biggest of them fools. Point well taken!

Sleep Is Sacred

Sacredness is not exclusively nocturnal. It, of course, cannot be prescribed on a prescription pad. You may wish to read a few articles in my free “Dr. Ali’s Course on Spiritual Health” on the subject.

When Asleep, A Person Is Not Dead

A sleeping person is not a dead person. This is an awkward but direct way of saying that the issues of sleep cannot be separated from the issues of the day. The real answers to sleep disorders are rooted in the “disorders of the day.” I address this subject at different levels in my library of sleep articles. In suggest that the reader begin with the two articles listed below for specific information about my choice of elements for daytime and night time brain health.

May Your Breath Be Your Own!

Suggested Readings

* Dr. Ali’s Top Seven for Night Time Brain Health

* Dr. Ali’s Top Seven for Night Time Brain Health

* Dr. Ali’s Spiritual Healing Course

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