Dr. Ali’s Top Seven for Nighttime Brain Health

Majid Ali, M.D.

Guidelines for Improving Sleep and Controlling Fears, Anxiety,Depression, and Related Disorders

Three Essentials

1. Begin with healing conversations of Compassion and Self-compassion.

2. Lean slow breathing

3. Start with only one nutrient from the Night Group and one from the Day Group. The others, one by one, guided by your tolerance.

4. Bring this information to your doctor if you take drugs for any of the above conditions.

5. Observe the affects on yourself as you proceed and keep a dairy.

Below are my guidelines for nutrients with special “brain equilibrium benefits” for individuals with anxiety, fears, depression, and related patterns of chronic suffering. At the outset, I never address such clinical problems without a sharp focus on the health of the two organs of the body of paramount importance: the liver (which I designate as the guardian angel of the brain) and the bowel which I consider to be the guardian angel of the liver. I use spices liberally for this purpose.

Brain Health Nutrient Groups

1. Dr. Ali’s Top Seven for Daytime Brain Health

2. Dr. Ali’s Top Seven for Nighttime Brain Health

My assignment of nutrients in the two groups is based on: (1) what my patients (my truest teachers) have taught me about these nutrients; (2) my clinical observations made with their clinical uses; and (3) the benefits reported by others in the literature.

Dr. Ali’s Top Seven for Night Time Brain Health

1. Healing Conversations and slow Limbic Breathing

2. Passionflower 10 drops, Plus Hawthorne Berry 10 drops, plus Melatonin liquid 2-3 mg

3. L-Tryptophan Cap 500 mg Two at bedtime

4. 5-HTP Cap 50 mg Two at bedtime

5. GABA Tab 750 mg One at bedtime

6. NAC cap 600 mg One at bedtime

7. Melatonin 3-5 mg

Personalizing Brain Equilibrium Protocols

I suggest that people begin with one nutrient from the night group and the other from the day group, then add a second one from each group after two days, and then proceed with others if desired. All of the nutrients are best taken 30 to 45 minutes before meals.

Keep a Dairy

Keep a dairy of your responses for a clearer knowledge of the benefits. Being one’s own healer means taking responsibility for one’s own health and finding the courage to think independently, guided by one’s own senses, observations, and insights. It requires developing an inner sense of the clinical benefits of the above nutrients taken individually or in concert.

Use of Brain Health Nutrients With Brain-active Drugs

In my clinical work with the brain equilibrium nutrients listed above I have not encountered problems arising from combined use of drugs and nutrients. Still I suggest that people taking psychotropic drugs bring my guidelines to the attention of their doctors before beginning the program.

Spiritual Healing Course

Staying within one’s head disturbs one’s brain equilibrium. The remedy for this is to escape into one’s elements and restore that equilibrium. I consider this crucial for success in achieving equilibrium, calm, and equanimity.

Suggested Readings

Suggested Readings

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10. Dr. Ali’s Deep Healing Course  


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