Pre-Alzheimer’s Disease USA

Majid Ali, M.D.

It may be my age. In three months, I will be 75 years old. I increasingly question the words that come together when I sit on my keyboard.There are many times when what I write about has been clear to me years. Still, the new words cast much deeper shadows on how I looked at things before. This is the case with the words in the title of this article: Pre-Alzheimer’s Disease USA.

Yesterday I posted an article on entitled

Harvard’s Misdemeanors or Malignancy

Today the words pre-Alzheimer’s Disease USA bring together many facts that I and others recognize with growing concern, and yet the image of an enormous number of Americans living with pathologic entities that increase the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease raise a most disturbing specter of the coming years. Below are the facts. You decide if my concerns are groundless.

I See Hope

I do not find hope with politicians, professors, or policy-makers but from people who are learning, understanding, and knowing what speak about in ever-enlarging numbers.

Conditions That Set the Stage for Pre-Alzheimer’s State

Below I present some facts and you decide whether my concerns about personal ethics are valid or not.

1. About 70% of adult Americans are pre-obese or obese and both entities are pre-Alzheimer’s conditions. (The incidence of pre-obesity and obesity among American children is leapfrogging).

2. About 70% of adult Americans have pre-hypertension or hypertension and both are pre-Alzheimer’s conditions. (The incidence of pre-hypertension or hypertension among American children is also leapfrogging).

3. About 40% of Americans of all ages have pre-diabetes or diabetes which are pre-Alzheimer’s conditions.

4. About 70% of adult Americans at autopsy have clear evidence of cardiovascular disease, which is a pre-Alzheimer’s condition.

5. One in every three American children suffers from inflammatory-immune diseases, which are all pre-Alzheimer’s disease.

6. About 40% of adult American woman are taking antianxiety or antidepressant drugs, the long-term use of which increases the risk of pre-Alzheimer’s disease.

7. One in seven children in the Los Angeles is attending special classes in school, and all conditions requiring such classes are pre-Alzheimer’s disease.

8. All my patients who had 24-hour urinary toxic metal test after a challenge with a chelating agent had significant toxic metal load (mercury, lead, arsenic,, aluminum, and others). Do I need to point out that toxic metals are potent neurotoxins and markedly pre-Alzheimer’s disease?

9. There is no reliable data about poisoning of the liver by environmental toxins. The liver is the guardian angle of the brain. Do I need to point out that blocked liver detox pathways markedly pre-Alzheimer’s disease?

10.Chronic stress reduces blood and oxygen supply to the brain and so increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. How many Americans live chronically-stressed lives? I leave the answer to the imagination of readers.

Cyber Reality

During a recent train ride from Washington, DC to New York, my wife noticed that only we were speaking softly or looking at the windows. Everyone else in the large compartment was quiet, working a smart phone or on a laptop. Once noted, we were curious if this pattern of coexistence would change anytime during the train trip. It did not, not even once. Will this cyber reality (summarily dismissing the old evolutionary reality of our species) decreases the risk of pre-Alzheimer’s disease or increase it? I am afraid it will have negative effect on the overall human condition and so will increase the risk.

A Safe Prediction

Here is something else: The Alzheimer’s industry hires the most persuasive lobbyists and the U.S. Congress is all too willing to be persuaded for the right price. So hundreds of millions of dollars are being allocated in developing Alzheimer’s drugs. It is a safe prediction that there will never be any satisfactory drugs for preventing accumulation of toxins in the brain over decades.

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