Top Seven Natural Remedies for Headache

Majid Ali, M.D

It is important to rule out specific structural and metabolic causes of headache working with a practitioner.  Once that is done, following are my seven most preferred natural remedies for controlling and preventing chronic headache, including migraine headache:

1. Healing Conversations

2. Slow Limbic Breathing

3. Four-week Trial of Gut Fermentation Control Program

4. Dr. Ali’s Spicy Breakfasts

5. Detection and Treatment of Mold Allergy and Chronic Sinusitis

6. Treatment of Trigger Points in the Neck and Head, If Existing

7. Four-week Trial of Insulin Reduction Diet

Introduction to Tope Seven Series

My 60-minute DVD on headache is available at

Detailed information about each of the above seven remedies is provided in companion articles at this site and at

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