Restless Genital Syndrome

Majid Ali, M.D.

I reader of the Science, Health, and Healing asked me to comment on restless genital syndrome (RGS).

I consider this syndrome to be a form of neuropathy which produces symptoms in the pelvic area including burning, tingling, numbness, throbbing, pulsating, pain, even itching. RGS should not be considered to be sexual disorder. Indeed, “restless pelvic syndrome” seems to be better term for this entity. It is not associated with sexual desire or arousal. The location of the symptoms (pelvic) point to the involvement of pudendal and dorsal clitoral nerves.

I have not yet encountered a case of symptom-complexes of RGS unaccompanied by symptoms of nerve irritation (neuropathy) in other areas of the body. Association of RGS with restless leg syndrome in the reported cases points to sharing of the toxins between these conditions. So I would focus on the following in the RGS management:

* Insulin toxicity (hyperinsulinism)

* Mycotoxicosis (mold toxins) associated with mold allergy, mold toxins in the environment, and overgrowth of fermenting microbes (yeast and others) in the body

* Mercury, lead, and other heavy metal overload

* Industrial pollutants

* Stress

Stress worsens symptoms of all forms of neuropathy by decreasing blood flow and increases acidity and free radical activity), so I would address that problem diligently.

My Top Seven Remedies for Neuropathy

I offer my guidelines for nondrug natural remedies in a companion article entitled Seven for Neuropathy.

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