GERD-Gastritis Complex – Healer-in-the Mirror Part 4

Majid Ali, M.D.

Healer-in-the-Mirror Course – Part 4

What’s In A Name?

  1. What Is Gastritis?
  2. What Is GERD?
  3. What Is GERD-Gastritis Complex?
  4. What Is GERD-Gastritis-Stomach Ulcer Complex?



Why Is GERD Reflux Disorder Called Heartburn?


  1. GERD is sometimes silent for extended periods.
  2. It can cause the food to “sit in the stomach”
  3. It can cause sudden sharp pain in the chest after eating.
  4. Or dull burning pain.
  5. It can cause belching.
  6. It can trigger nagging cough or cause a hoarse voice.
  7. Or the Pain sitting behind the chest bone, or in the upper abdomen, can be stabbing, burning and relentless.
  8. It can make life miserable.



Peptic ulcers and bleeding

Three Essentials

  1. Truth   – The Mirror does not accept lies.
  2. Passion – Passion for learning cannot be faked.
  3. Persistence – Truth and passion often take longer than expected but take one further than imagined.

Three for Safety

  1. For acute disease, we need doctors, nurses, and technology.
  2. For chronic disease, one must find one’s healer in one’s own mirror. One must become one’s own healer.
  3. Acute diseases are seldom sudden departures from good health 

Three Root Cause of Chronic Disease

  1. Fear – Search for truth
  2. Anger – Passion for learning
  3. Lack of curiosity
  • Curiosity is the mother of imagination.
  • Imagination opens pathways to exploration.
  • Exploration brings learning, understanding, and knowing – and healing.

Three Primary Mechanism of Cellular and Tissue Injury Root Cause of Chronic Disease

  1. Gut fermentation –
  2. Oxygen dysfunction (dysox)
  3. Insulin toxicity

Excessive gut fermentation is caused by altered gut flora resulting from excessive sugar intake, antibiotic abuse, and untreated mold and food allergy.

Top Seven Remedies for GERD-Gastritis-Ulcer Complex

Following are my seven most preferred natural remedies for controlling and then healing the GERD-gastritis complex. It is important that the readers recognize that all guidelines in Science, Health, and Healing be used only for chronic diseases under the supervision of their practitioners.

The Seven Remedies

1. Gut fermentation control

    A. 4-week sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy free diet

    B. Anti-fermentation spices

2. Healing conversing

3. OHM GERD (topical castor oil, heat, and massage)

4. Digestive Gastric enzymes

5. Aloe water (one or two ounces four times a day)

6. Rebounding exercise to awaken stomach wall muscle

7. Mold and food drops to control stomach fermentation

The videos linked concerns the above natural remedies.

Top Seven Series – Introduction

Top Seven for GERD-Gastritix Complex


The detailed information on all of the above appear on companion articles at this website. My DVD and video seminars on these subjects can be obtained from

Best wishes for healing.

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