Do Not Neglect Heel Pain, Please!

You Are Likely to Regret It for Weeks, Even Months

Majid Ali, M.D.

Heal pain unaccompanied by ankle joint pain and local signs of infection is caused by inflammation of the soft tissues of the heel. It is a serious error to neglect it and wait for it to clear by itself. That could happen, but if it does not, the individual is likely to suffer much needlessly—often for weeks and months. Simply limping along only deepens the problem. I speak here from personal experience as well.

Heel P-OHM Therapy

This Is my top priority. In P-OHM, P stands for peroxide soaks, O for castor oil, H for heat (0f safely hot water), and M for message. I use rubber shoes (use for snow) for doing peroxide soaks, using two to three ounces of 3% hydrogen eproxide. Addition of one tespoonful of Epsom or table salt) increases the healing benefits of peroxide soaks.

Time of Soaks

Longer, the better. You use your judgment, fifteen to thirty minutes or more.

Castor Oil Skin Rubs and gentle Massage

Begin with one teaspoon of castor oil and massage the tissues gently first, then firmly for ten to fifteen minutes.

Three Phases of Non-Infectious Heel Pain

The condition of heel pain and tenderness that appears to come out of nowhere is easy to diagnose. Simply explore the soft tissues of the heel with thumb pressure and find localized areas of tenderness. In my experience, X-rays of the heel were unrevealing in the early stages. I do prescribe X-rays for such pain but do not question it if prescribed by other doctors. Here is the most important information about heel pain described here.

Three Stages of Heel Inflammation and Pain

Heel pain as described above develops in three stages:

1. The initial “energetic inflammation” stage triggered by micro-trauma, exposure to cold temperature, or stresses in tissues above the ankle which cause local buildup of acids, increased free radical activity, and stagnation of lymph.

2. The intermediate “chemical inflammation” stage which develops as a result of untreated energetic inflammation.

3. The delayed “cellular inflammation” which develops as a result of untreated chemical inflammation.

It should be self-evident from the above that the first stage should be easy to clear, the second stage a little harder, and the third stage can lead to extended periods of pain, suffering, and walking problems.

Dr. Ali’s Inflammation Course

For more information, please consider my free course entitled “Dr. Ali’s Inflammation Course.”

Thank you. Blessings.

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