First Holes in the Head to Cure Fibromyalgia, Then Chemotherapy to Cure Fatigue

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An Article of Eating Crow Series

In response to my blog entitled “Tired? Have You Tried Some Chemotherapy,” I received a letter from Patricia P., who reminded me of what had slipped my mind: once some neurosurgeons were drilling holes in the head of their patients to cure fibromyalgia. I include the letter below for the readers’ interest. First a few comments. When the only tool you have is a hammer, doesn’t everything look like a hammer? Why shouldn’t chemotherapy be tried for chronic fatigue? Who I am to question the wisdom of mighty The New York Times?

I anticipate this rebuke for the lapdog journalist of the Times who reported the use of chemotherapy for chronic fatigue: silly you, don’t you understand we only report what we encounter? Not so fast, madam lapdog Jane. The Times has the proven might of selling bad ideas for years before correcting themselves. Remember the Times’ stories about eggs, butter, cholesterol, coronary stents which mislead millions of people for decades. Oh, yes, the Times has the muscle t enrich the rich for decades before reversing its positions – with publically eating crow.

Now here is Patricia’s letter:

Dear Dr. Ali,

Years ago, your book, The Canary and Chronic Fatigue, saved my life, and gave me back a life.

Every so often, late at night I have some fibromyalgia pain in my legs–usually in my case a warning sign that I have been sloppy with my supplement program, and I think, “Thank God for Dr. Ali, because of him, I know what to do about this, otherwise it would be unbearable.” And I read about the establishment doing Dark Ages treatments like drilling holes in people’s skulls for fibromyalgia…

Chemotherapy for chronic fatigue syndrome?!!! Chemotherapy often causes chronic fatigue syndrome!!! Since any chemical exposure that breaks down oxygen metabolism can cause chronic fatigue syndrome, if there ever was a bad idea, this is a terrible one!

You were the first person out there to define exactly what causes chronic fatigue syndrome–I can swear to it, as I as desperately searching, reading all comers at the time, in order to try to save myself.

Why should you even question your ethics?!! Anyone with an ounce of common sense could see that you are right about what causes chronic fatigue syndrome.

The problem is that where there are no drugs, there are no dollars.


Your grateful patient,


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Kind regards. MA

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