Will Editors of JAMA Be Deeply Embarrassed by Cholesterol Ads? – Yes, They Will

Majid Ali, M.D.

Here are the scientific facts that support my prediction that doctors will be as embarrassed by cholesterol ads in their journals as they are when the see the pictures of cigarette ads published in medical journals in the past. Briefly, cholesterol is crucial for preserving the health of cells membranes throughout the body. Natural (unrancid, unoxidized) cholesterol is an antioxidant and has important anti-inflammatory roles. Most hormones and vitamin D are produced in the body from cholesterol. Once doctors learn molecular biology of cholesterol, they will be puzzled about how did the travesty of the “cholesterol theory of heart disease” escape their scrutiny for so long. How could they allow so many of their patients to get hurt by cholesterol drugs for so long.

Could the Editors of JAMA have foreseen that one day they would be deeply embarrassed by the ad reproduced below which they once published in their journal? I leave the answers to both questions to the readers’ imagination.


For more information on the subject, please consider “Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course” on this site. It is free and I think you will find both informative and entertaining.

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