Ateeq Siddiqi’s Maho-Saal

Majid Ali, M.D.

Shedding some common traditions

Many a time, based on myths

Deviating from truths

Seeped into the mainstream

Of the born

And the unborn.

Layers of words and meanings

Implications and connotations

Depicting views and reviews

With a meandering tone

Of the born

And the unborn.

Encamping with truth-tellers

Choosing culture of courage

Among pundits of Pakistani Journalism

Harboring trustees of facts

For the born

And the Unborn.

Suffocating in a land of scars,

Of malignant murderous wars,

In domains of drunken Czars

Seething, squirming parents,

Of the born

And the unborn

A scalding land parched for truth,

With lies strangled,

From hollow and the hoarse,

Truth mangled.

For betrayed hearts and dry eyes.

Truth of the old order wrangled

For the Born

And the Unborn

Returning truth

To the truth,

By some truth-keeper’s call.

Smashing the black wall,

Of deceit and lies

All shattered in Maho-Saal.

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