Civilized Medicine and Oxyhealing

Majid Ali, M.D.

I use the word “OxyHealing” often in my writing and videos. This is how it was coined.

“Majid, you are a surgeon, right?” a friend asked.

“Yes, I please guilty,” I replied in a matter-of-fact way.

“You don’t operate on people anymore.”

“True, but once a surgeon, always a surgeon.”

“Why did you switch to pathology?”

“Seemed like a right thing to do.”

“Right thing to do?” he chuckled. Then added, “Are you saying surgery is not the right thing to do?”

“No, I didn’t say that.”

“Now you don’t do any microscopic work, do you?”

“No, I don’t work at any hospital now, so I don’t do hospital pathology work.”

“You have written books and many articles on nutrition.”

“I plead guilty to that as well.”

“So you are a nutritionist.”

“I please gulity.”

“And you wrote a textbook of integrative medicine.”


“In fourteen volumes, right?”

“I plead guilty again.”

“You have written books on energy healing.”


“Seriously, what do you do now? Sometimes my friends ask me about your work and I do not know how to give a quick answer. What shall I tell them?”

“Tell them he struggles to practice civilized medicine.”

“What is that?”

“Now there is no simple answer to that. You can Google civilized medicine and it will take you to an article I wrote about it.”

“I know what you wrote when you were the President of Capital University of Integrative Medicine. C’mon, make it simple, Majid, please.”

“Simple, simple, simple…” I stammered.

“Yeah, something simple, really simple,” he prodded.

“Something simple, okay it is oxygen.”

“You practice oxygen? I know you have written some books on it, but what is practicing oxygen?”

“Oxyhealing,” I blurted. “Yes, that’s it, oxyhealing. I am interested in healing and I work with oxygen. So I suppose oxyhealing is what I practice. This is the simplest way of putting it.”

My friend smiled.

Some years ago, I coined the term OxyHealingTM to focus on the two core issues of compassion (the nutrient for the soul) and oxygen (the nutrient for the body).

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