Flu Remedies – My Top Ten Preferences

Majid Ali, M.D.

Try to do as many as possible of the following nondrg remedies under the supervision of a practitioner. An intramuscular nutrient injection or IV infusion should be considered a high priority, if available.

The Top Five Recoemmdations

1. Optimal hydration

1.a Spicy Protein-Vege smoothie* with extra water

1.b Potassium lemonade*

1.c Chicken soup with extra salt**

1.d Green tea

2. Ginger (one-half teaspoon) with vitamin C 1000 mg, four times a day

3. Zinc lozenges 25 mg up to four times a day for four days

4. Magnesium, potassium, taurine (Bowel Detox A, one tablet three times a day)

5. Gut Fermentation Control (avoid sugar, dairy, and gluten foods)

The Second Five Recoemmdations

1. Sesame oil gargles followed by Vitamin A and E gargles

2. Castor oil skin rubs over abdomen daily

3. Oregano oil capsules two twice daily

4. Colloidal silver, one half teaspoon three times a day

5. Nutrient intramuscular injection or IV infusion (see note above)

* Google for recipes with my name in the search box ** Not if extra salt if hypertension or heart disease


My Radio Essay on the Subject

I present the above information in detail in a radio essay linked below.



Please cut and paste the following link if clicking on the link does not take you to the radio essay. Regards. Majid Ali


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