Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – the Past for Knowing, the Present for Healing

Majid Ali, M.D.

This is an age of chronic fatigue. In most cases it takes five, ten or more years to develop into a debilitating clinical problem. During these years, the real problem is fermentation in the gut and the spirit, which often leads to insulin toxicity and can be detected reliably only with a blood insulin test. Regrettably, this is not done by doctors. I discuss this crucial issue in the following two FREE courses:

1. Dr. Ali’s Fermentation Course
2. Dr. Ali’s Spiritual Healing Course

True Cost of Shopping for Diagnosis

How much of our resources do we Americans devote to thinking about health issues —shopping around for diagnosis, so to speak—and how much to solving the health problem? I often pose this question to my patients. Most of them think for a while and then put the number for thinking about the problem between 70% to 80% . Some of them then ask for my answer, which is: clearly more than 90%, possibly more than 95%. This brings me to my choice of words in the title of this article: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – the Past for Knowing, the Present for Doing. What if we could clearly understand the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome (toxicities of food, environment, and thought) once and for all and then devote all our resources to healing and reversing the condition?

Healing Literacy

Chronic fatigue syndrome can be neither prevented nor reversed without healing literacy. So, please consider my free courses mentioned above and stop wasting your resources on looking for the right diagnosis. You will then be free to commit all your resources to controlling the problem—relieving chronic fatigue and related symptom-complexes, completely or partially—until such time that what you need to do for your health is what you want to do for the love and passion of it.

So, it is simple. Learn about the past once and spend the present and the future for doing. The issue of specific chronic infections that may require specific treatment is a different matter and requires the involvement of an experienced physician.

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