More Oxygen, Please! – An Article of More Oxygen Series

Majid Ali, M.D.
In this short article I offer an outline of my guidelines for more oxygen. I suggest that you begin the program in steps, starting with only one item a week, then keeping building your personalized approach to more oxygen.

I offer articles, videos, books, and video seminars on all of the items. These materials are available at this and the following website:

1.  Practice self-compassion
            1.a   Speaking softly
            1.b   Breathing slowly
            1.c   Being outside the mind (with breeze, leaves, birds, etc).
            1.d   Being aware of blessings of life
2.  Stay well-hydrated
            2.a  Try my protein-Vege breakfast smoothie
            2.b  Consider Dr. Ali’s Dehydration Test
3.  Spices
            3.a  Dr. Ali’s Spicy Breakfasts
            3.b  Dr. Ali’s Potassium Lemonade
            3.c  Spices in cooking
4.  Gentle Bowel-Blood-Liver Detox
            4.a  Dr. Ali’s Spicy Breakfasts
            4. b Restrict sugar
5.  Reduce Blood Insulin Level
            5.a  Healthy fats and healthy proteins are good.
            5.b  Consider Dr. Ali’s FREE Insulin Course
6.  Nutrient Supplementation
            6.a  Consider my Guidelines for Supplementation

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