Diet for Adrenal Weakness and Dysautonomia

Majid Ali, M.D.

I consider adrenal weakness and dysautonomia to be the two faces of the same coin. Dusautonomia (“dysauto”) is dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, a part of the nervous system which directly or indirectly affects the structure and functions of nearly all body organs. It regulates the functions of the heart, blood vessels, muscles of the gut, body temperature and other body organs. Dysauto nearly always is associated with adrenal weakness.

Adrenal weakness and dysauto are is caused by toxicities of food, environment, and thought. What binds the effects of all such toxicities together in the final analysis is dysfunctional oxygen metabolism. I discuss this subject in other articles in my Dysautonomia Course.

Major Symptoms of Dysatunomia

* Lighthededness especially related to positional change.

* Weakness

* Cold hands

* Heart palpitations

* Anxiety

* Mood Swings

Diet for Adrenal Weakness and Dysautonomia

My dietary guidelines for controlling dysauto symptoms focus on:

* Prevention of sugar-insulin roller-coasters

* Correction of dehydration

* Prevention of excess acidity

* Avoidance of foods that cause fermentation in the gut.

Outline of Dysauto Diet

1. Breakfast

                 a.  4 days / week: Dr. Ali=s Spicy Protein-Vegetable


See details at

b. 3 days / week Dr. Ali’s Spice Omelette

(Recipes at

c. 3 Bacon and sausages (best avoided or used sparingly)

d.4 Coffee or tea (if necessary) with cream and stevia sweetener

2. Mid-morning Snack

a. Water

b. If needed, protein shake snacks / hard-boiled egg / small portion of cheese

3. Lunch

       a. Salad

       b. Cold-pressed oils (olive oil, yellow sesame oil, avocado oil) in large amounts)

       c. Vegetables (raw, steamed, and/or stir-fried, in this order)

       d. Spiced plain yogurt 1/3 cup

       e. Proteins: eggs, chicken, turkey, cheeses

4. Mid-afternoon Snacks

      a. Water

       b. Nuts & seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, melon, sesame)

       c. If needed, protein shake snacks / eggs / cheeses

5. Dinner

      a. Salad

       b. Cold-pressed oils

       c. Vegetables (raw, steamed, and stir-fried, in this order)

       d. Proteins: eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, lamb, and beef

(Recipes at

To simplify the plan further, focus on breakfast the first week, add lunch the second

week, and add dinner the third week.

I present the above program with full details in my video seminar on the subject entitled

“Insulin Reduction Seminar” or 4-seminar full course entitled “Insulin Toxicity Bundle.” It

can be downloaded from

For more info, please also consider articles in Dr. Ali’s Insulin Weight Loss Plan


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