Butter Not Bar – A Simple Suggestion Adrenal Fatigue and Dysautonomia

Majid Ali, M.D.

A young woman suffers from troublesome episodes of heart palpitations, lighthededness related to positional change, weakness, anxiety, and cold sensitivity. Her most troublesome symptom is a racing heart (tachycardia) with rate over 130 per minute. Her heart evaluation studies by a cardiologist were considered non-diagnostic. My diagnoses included adrenal fatigue, dysautonomia, and anxiety.

Along with my nutrient, spice, and herbal therapies,

I prescribed a small dose of hydrocortisone to support her weak adrenal glands, which she declined.

Butter, Not Bar

During a recent visit, she was distraught and fearful of having a dangerous episode of heart palpitations. I discussed at length food choices and dietary precautions for preventing heart palpitations. She said eating a bar does help on such occasions. At one point, she pulled out some protein bars from the bottom of her handbag. She asked that was okay. I looked at the bars and knew there was some sugar in them. Butters, not bars. I blurted. Then I explained that nut butters, such almond butter, cashew butter, peanut butter would be better for us than food bars. She could also consider seed butters, such as sesame butter. Then I told her that I will leave the question of how to carry them to work to her imaginations.

What Is Dysauonomia?

Dysautonomia (dysautonomia) is dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, a part of the nervous system which directly or indirectly affects the structure and functions of nearly all body organs. It regulates the functions of the heart, blood vessels, muscles of the gut, body temperature and other body organs. Dysauto nearly always is associated with adrenal weakness. It is caused by toxicities of food, environment, and thought. What binds the effects of all such toxicities together in the final analysis is dysfunctional oxygen metabolism. I discuss this subject in other articles in my Dysautonomia Course

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