Profiles of Healing – A Candle Losing Its Light and Strength

Majid Ali, M.D.

“A  candle was being consumed and little by little was losing its light and strength.”

Hope without hype returns to haunt. I personally never promise results to any of my patients. I offer this healing profile to readers because it is a story of suffering, disappointments, courage, persisting, recurring setbacks, and finally healing.


I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for everything you’re doing for me and my family!

When I went to my doctor about two years ago, I thought I was going to die soon… I went to bed exhausted, woke up very tired, and I had to push my body around during the day to do what I had to do. It was difficult to explain to others what my body was feeling. I say my body because even though I am 55 years old, I have a sharp mind, have recently completed 60 more college credits with a 4.0, I am creative and very perceptive, and I am an avid reader. But my body!…My arms and legs felt like they were 200 pounds each – not only when I tried to use them, but when I was sitting down as well! I also felt like I could not get in enough air in my lungs to be able to breathe in all the air I felt I needed. I felt as if my soul was leaving my body. I am sure you know exactly what I mean. However, it is hard to explain to other people, particularly to people who do not have any notion of spirituality. To them I would say my energy, my spark of life was slowing down. As I put it to my best friend: it felt as if a candle was being consumed and little by little was losing its light and strength. Needless to say, depression set in. I went to therapy and my therapist and I came to the conclusion that I have a pretty good hold on things in general. After some time, I realized this had to be due to two factors: the anguish, sadness and pain our previous government put us through, and something in my biology. With regard to the first “cause”–so to speak–I knew I could not do anything. Regarding my biology, I decided to take action and find out whether this was the natural onset of old age or something else.

My doctor gave me some tests, asked me a lot of questions and we agreed I would not eat any products with wheat/gluten and/or sugar. Then you prescribed nutritional supplements, and after having suffered for years, suddenly, in less than two weeks that heaviness, that unbearable “weight” was not there anymore! I still get tired sometimes and find it hard to do much after 7:00 PM, but that is because I rarely sit down to rest since I get up in the morning…

After a while I took my eight year old daughter to see you because her doctor declared her asthmatic. She had had two episodes in the month of May after playing outside during days when the pollen count was rather high, and we had to take her to the hospital one night because she was wheezing a little and didn’t seem to be able to breath very well. After a while her doctor prescribed Fluovent six times a day and Albutheral every four hours, as needed. I did a little research and decided I was going to ask for your opinion before giving cortisone to her, since I didn’t like what I read about it — I usually do my homework. My doctor told me he does not prescribe medications, but only if they are strictly necessary and only after you have tried natural remedies. You gave her some tests and we discovered she is very allergic to cats, several types of mold, and pollen. We started the treatment, you gave her a couple of nutritional supplements and sublingual drops. I have to tell you that she has used one ampoule of Albutheral via a nebulizer just once in 450 days, one night, when she had bronchitis and couldn’t breathe easily. She has played outside, and except for two episodes of heavy sneezing and watery eyes when she came in contact with cats, she has been fine, without any type of medications. Paris took antibiotics approximately every 70 days during the first two years of her life, apparently because she had ear infections. She used to be very pale before, and her skin was a little yellowish. Now she has a little color on her cheeks! She plays soccer, does ballet, runs, and seems to be OK with all that apart from doing well in school.

I want to thank my doctor for his clinical manners (Yes, I know he does not need me to say this, but I want to thank you anyway…) You really take the time to listen to your patients! He never rushed us out of your office, like all the other doctors we’ve met in this country have done. If he has ever seen five patients at the same time, like I’ve seen other doctors do, we never noticed. You stayed there, relaxed, listening to everything we had to say! You look at patients in the eye, you don’t interrupt, and … you sit down to talk to us many times, making us feel you are giving us, patients, your undivided attention! I always feel that I am important for you. You know, when doctors rush people, we, patients, have a tendency to get anxious and we many times forget what we want to ask or say — and that info which is not registered is usually important. Thank you for giving us “space” to explain and for showing compassion, interest and respect. (Yes, yes. I know that you are doing this from the heart, that you like people, but, still..)

My doctor is a rarity and I feel fortunate I have found him. feel grateful, extremely grateful. It would take me many pages to tell you the negative experiences I have had with doctors in this country, but that is not the objective of my letter, and you know what is going on with the medical profession very well. I wish Congress could read this letter — now that I come to think of it, I think I’ll send them a copy (modified, of course, if you know what I mean…)–so they ca learn what the practice of medicine should be like. You are a model “person”, and a sage. Your family must be so proud of you!!

My doctor gave me hope for this world, and I pray for you everyday so that your wisdom, your knowledge, your compassion gets to be known and shared, first, by those good physicians and patients who have been deprived of the truth and have not been educated to distinctly recognize ethical behavior in medicine. But, most of all, I pray so that your gift gets to all those corroded and corrupted souls who do not have respect for themselves, and are doing so much harm to people’s health and our planet. Now that I have said what I think, I have to tell you that the most important thing I wanted to say with this letter is: You have the heart of a prince…

May God bless my doctor.

Very truly yours,


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