Marijuana Cupcakes and Cannabis Cookies

Majid Ali, M.D.

Colorado and Washington are two of four states in which recreational marijuana is legal. The weed is rapidly permeating haute cuisine and elite culinary culture in these dstates. It seems safe to predict that it will soon be freely available in cupcakes, cookies, and candy for the use of underprivileged as well.

I am told that there are two problems with it: First, it does not taste good. Second, it is not clear how high people will get when eating marijuana dishes. I find these two objections amusing. The first problem will be fully solved, if it has not been with sugar, condiments, and flavors. The second issue is valid only for those like me without courage. So, I say marijuana is here to stay, and so are marijuana foods.

Cannabis oil should soon hit the market. I will welcome that not for cooking in our kitchen but because it is very valuable for patients with disseminated cancer and some other severe diseases for which the prevailing drug therapies are far from adequate.

Some in liquor industry are concerned about their sales. That does not concern me.

Shapes of Marihuana foods: Weed cupcakes (above) and weed oil below


A dish of marijuana-laced eggplant in phylo dough. CreditMatthew Staver for The New York Times

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