Science, Health, and Healing On-line Video Encyclopedia

Majid Ali, M.D.

A Brief Note About the Origin of the Title of the Encyclopedia

In 2010, my decision to title my on-line encyclopedia of health and healing (in articles and video formats) at this related sites was a culmination of my preoccupation with the three words for nearly four decades. The vision behind this encyclopedia was to provide worldwide and free of charge, authentic, non-commercial information about natural non-drug and non-surgical options to individuals with chronic health disorders.

In 2011, I chose the same title, Science, Health, and Healing, when I decided to pursue that vision by building an on-line video encyclopedia. This encyclopedia can be readily accessed by typing “Majid Ali, M.D.” at, and other platforms.

Below is a brief note about my professional journey that set the stage for building the two encyclopedias mentioned above.

In 1974, I was a faculty member in the Department of Pathology of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, New York. I also served as the chief pathologist in a large New Jersey hospital. In the mid -1980s, my interest shifted from the study of the dead and dying to that of the living and healing. Writing clarifies things as nothing else does. In writing The Cortical Monkey and Healing, my first book for the general readership, I saw vague notions of health and healing morph into clear ideas. I recognized the core problem of medicine in the United States: Absence of Freedom of Thought

I could not have dreamed of building the two encyclopedias had I not devoted forty years to writing twelve volumes of my textbook entitled The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine. During those years, I was preoccupied with the evolutionary intelligent design of human cellular energy systems. Specifically, I focused on oxygen signaling in the following areas:

* Oxygen-driven cellular energetics,

* Oxygen-driven cellular development and multiplication,

* Oxygen-driven removal of cellular grease (oxygen’s detergent functions),

* Oxygen-activation of the enzyme systems of the body,

* Oxygen-driven cellular detox mechanisms.

In late 1980s, I produced and hosted a public health program on WEVD radio, New York City and chose the words Science, Health, and Healing for its title. So it began, my long association with the three words: Science, Health, and Healing. In 2004, I carried these words to WBAI radio New York City as I expanded my work to 125 to 160 on-air hours a year. In those years, I conceived the idea of developing and implementing a radio-based public service project entitled “Being Your Own Primary Physician.” This novel notion, to my knowledge, had no precedent. I collaborated with Bernard White (WBAI program director), Kathy Davis (the public affairs director), Drs. Kamau Kokayi, Corinne Furnari, and Carl Runci (WBAI producers and supporters), Indra Hardat (the radio station manager), and some others. That experience fully validated the hope that people can assume responsibility for their health and learn enough to be competent doctors for themselves.

In 2010, I was invited to produce and host a public health program on MNN television in New York City. I did not have to think how to title that program. It was Science, Health, and Healing.

Would You Please With Your Knowledge and Insights?

I will greatly benefit from your evaluation of the quality and clinical value of information presented in my two encyclopedias. Please consider sending me an e-mail at with your comments, criticism, and encouragement.

Thank you.

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