Philosophy and Science of Healing – Dr. Ali’s Healing Course

Philosophy and Science of Healing

Majid Ali, M.D.

We grow only to the extent that we continue to unlearn beliefs created by past experiences. Unlearning, of course, is much harder than learning. So a life of continued growth and enlightenment is a demanding life.

A life of reason is based on the observable and the observed. A life of belief, by contrast, is based on the unobservable and the unobserved. Convictions of reason grow stronger as one’s power of reason strengthens, while those of belief deepen as belief continues to deny what is plainly observable. Sadly, many in healing arts allow themselves to be led deeper and deeper into a life of belief.

Considerations of reason and belief bring us to the matters of the freedoms of speech and thought. The two are often lumped together but should not be for two reasons. First, the freedom of thought, not of speech, is what coaxed humankind to understanding, enlightenment, and civility. Second, the freedom of speech is often used to hide confusion and justify noise. With thought, not speech, begins the journey of ideas and ideologies.

We Americans are most strident proponents of freedom in general, and of the freedom of speech in particular. And yet—it seems to me—there is sparse enthusiasm for the freedom of thought. In the matters of nutrition and environment, seldom do we sufficiently challenge the presumed intellectual or moral superiority of those who insist that there is no science behind nutritional and environmental therapies to preserve health or reverse chronic disease. They profess to be champions of freedom of speech but are opposed to freedom of thought in matters of personal health. Flat-earthers of medicine not only survive but thrive. They powerfully resist integrated and thoughtful discussions of Science, Health, and Healing.

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