Have a Spicy Day, Please, Please

Begin Your Day With Spices, Please!

Majid Ali, M.D.

Spices are strong healing substances. Our ancestors knew this well. We can ignore them only our expense. So I suggest that you begin your day with them.

Spices have potent anti-inflammatory functions. They do so by fighting excess acidity and free radical activity. They prevent excessive gut fermentation. By their combined healing roles, spices are among the best oxygen-deliverers

Every chronic disease begins with cellular fermentation. Every form of inflammation begins with molecular fermentation. Inflammation is widely misunderstood. No healing is possible with inflammation and no disease can continue without inflammation. Read my article entitled “Inflammation – Of Healing and Sickening Types” for learning this crucial difference.

I am a spices-enthusiast, a self-appointed “spice-ologist.” I just coined the term and that should be sufficient to convince any skeptic that I am passionate about the use of spices for healthful aging, disease prevention, and reversal of chronic diseases.

Have a Spicy Morning!

The best way to start a spicy day is to begin by choosing with one of the spicy breakfasts from among the following:

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