Dr. Ali’s Spiritual Healing Course

Majid Ali, M.D.

One can have on one spiritual teacher – the teachers in one’s mirror. One can have only one healer – the healer in one’s reflection.

This course covers my library of articles on the subjects of stress, anxiety, anger, rage, compassion, self-compassion, meditation, and spiritual enlightenment under the categories listed below.

With a brief survey of articles included in these categories, readers can select readings that are suitable in the various stages of their journey for health, healing, and spiritual elevation. This library includes books, video seminars, and short videos on Vimeo, Archives, and other plateforms.

1. Personal Spiritual Realism

2. Being one’s own healer

3. Growing one’s own guru

4. Making one’s truths one’s blessings

5. Being one’s scientist

My Science, Health, and Healing library is spread over this and the following websites:

1.  http://www.KIDS123.org

2. http://www.AliScience.org

3. http://www.AliHealing.org

4. http://www.AliLife.org

5. http://www.AliBooks.org

6. http://www.AliSeminars.org

Some years ago, I coined the term OxyHealingTM to focus on the two core issues of compassion (the nutrient for the soul) and oxygen (the nutrient for the body).

For a full listing of my books, DVDs, and video seminars, please go to http://www.oxyhealing.org.



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