Bedtime Technology – Not for Me

Majid Ali, M.D.

As Is the Day, So the Night

     An Article of Dr. Ali’s Sleep Library

I try not to finish a patient visit without asking about the quality of sleep. So important is sleep for preserving health and reversing disease in my view. With this view of health, how could I be insensitive to the problems of sleep experienced by so many of my patients. Now to the title of this article.

Bedtime technology for me? No, thank you. All I need for deeply restorative sleep is my wife’s breath on my side. I don’t need any natural herbs or nutrients. I suppose I chose my grandparents wisely who did not teach me anything about sleep IQ.

As Is the Day, So the Night

As are our days, so our nights. That was the simple truth of my grandparents and of my parents. I suspect that was the truth of most people in the world until the modern scourges of anger, anxiety, and cortical monkeys. How days have changed for us humans.

The Spiritual Path to Deep Restful Sleep

No, I do not prescribe any bedtime technology for my patients. I do support the use of low-volume music at bedtime if that helps. But none of the hyped bedtime technology which measures what sleep experts consider to be the characteristics of good sleep. I simply dismiss all that for myself and for people who are willing and able to consider a spiritual path.

Dr. Ali’s Spiritual Healing Course

I suggest my Spiritual Healing Course to individuals interested in this approach. For others, I offer brief comments about bedtime technology that is being heavily promoted by the corporate world. These gadgets indeed may be of some help for some whose sleep has been chronically disrupted. Still, I hope they would also consider my suggestion about the spiritual path.

Bedtime Technology Gadgets

Here is a partial list of gadgets that are available at this time to improve your sleep IQ , which will further put your sleep in jeopardy. All add to bedroom electromagnetic pollution.

* Jawbone Up

* Fitbit

* Basis Peak

* Microsoft Band.

* SleepIQ system ($500)

I might offer here the following quote from The New York Times of 2014 X-Mas day (how appropriate for the Times!)

“A given night might not be completely accurate, but if the person looks at the trend over time it might be more revealing,” said Dr. Clete A. Kushida, medical director at the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine.”

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