May Your Present Moment Be Your Present Blessing

 Majid Ali, M.D.

All chronic diseases are caused by two primal nutrient deficits: compassion nutrient for the soul and oxygen nutrient for the body. All other causes of chronic diseases are secondary, tertiary, or more indirectly-derived.  This short article is part of my Spiritual Healing Course. It concerns something very simple from one of the listeners of my Science, health, and Healing program on WBAI radio, New York. After you read it, I hope you have time to consider other articles in  Spiritual Healing Course that follow it.

May you be gracious, graceful, and generous in spirit.

Kindest regards,

Majid Ali


Here is a letter I received from a WBAI radio in New York City:

Dear Dr. Ali,

I heard your program on WBAI last night. Please thank Mrs. Ali for her quote. I may not have copied it exactly. “Make your present moment be your present blessing.” It is hanging on my kitchen cabinet. Sincerely.” Signed  Hedy R.


Thank you Ms. Hedy for posting Talat’s (my wife) words on your kitchen cabinet. The exact words spoken by Talat, my wife, were: May Your present truth be your present blessing. That is the title of a companion article.

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