Meatless Mondays, Veggie Thursdays

Majid Ali, M.D.

Two of my grandparents were centenarians. They gave me a sense of the right diet for healthful aging. Their seldom ate meals with empty calories—foods that have little other nutritional value, such as alcohol and added sugars. They ate eggs, butter, poultry, and whole grains.

I consider “Meatless Mondays” in the United States and United Kingdom and “Veggie Thursdays” in Germany and Belgium to be healthy trends based on the cultural wisdoms wisdom of my grandparents.

Recent studies show that SAD (Standard American Diet) is associated with increased risk of metabolic disorders and cancer compared with Mediterranean and related diets. Following are the values for higher rates of incidence of selected disorders:

* Type II diabetes incidence 16–41%

* Cancer 7–13%

* Heart disease mortality 20–26%

* Overall mortality Up to 18%

Percentage of Empty Calories

Dietary transitions.

Percetarian diet includes fish but almost no meat.

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