Personal Spiritual Realism, Part Four – A Day of Divinity

A Day of Personal Divinity

Majid Ali, M.D.

In this Part Four of my Personal Spiritual Realism Series, I offer what I consider to the core part of my best personal health plan. What is a A Day of Personal Divinity? Here is my attempt at an answer :

A Day of Divinity is:

A Day of Divinity is a day for seeing with the faculty of the

heart, not with eyes in the sockets of the skull;

A day for the language of silence;

A day for generosity of the spirit;

A day to suspend disbelief in the goodness of those who seem ‘ungood’;

A day for little acts of love and kindness;

A day for feeling warmly;

A day for speaking softly;

A day for acting gently;

A day for gentle gestures;

A day for taking a bowl of soup to someone living alone;

A day for giving someone a gift of one’s presence in silence;

A day for rising above anger, as well as the sense of being a


A day to reach beyond the ugly words spoken by others;

A day to search for empathy for the inner turmoil from which seep up those ugly words;

A Day of Divinity is a day for a partial squint of the mind (the squint of the mind allows one to look at things others look at but see things others do not);

A Day of Divinity is a day of selective deafness (selective deafness saves one from the screams of the angry);

A Day of Divinity is for being well past yesterday’s misery;

A Day of Divinity is for being beyond the feared, future


A day to be kind to one’s body so that one’s body can be kind to one (kind with right nourishment, kind with fluidity of motion, and kind with spontaneity of emotions; and

A day of one’s own divinity, not someone else’s.

The Day of Divinity may begin with prayer, meditation, or simple surrender to the higher Presence that permeates us at all times. That day may begin with a conscious effort to be kind to one’s body so that it can be kind in return. It will include a considered plan to be kind to those around us at home and at work. It can proceed with a plan for a partial or complete fluid fast.

Recently I suggested to one of my patients that he consider my suggestion for celebrating a Day of Divinity during the week.

“What shall I do during the other six days of the week?”he asked with a twinkle,

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Perhaps your Divinity will spill over into the second day, possibly the third day.

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