Personal Spiritual Realism – Dr. Ali’s Spiritual Healing Course

Majid Ali, M.D.

Spirituality Transcends Psychology

*  What is personal spirituality Realism?

* What is spirituality?

* What is it to be a spiritual person?

* What is spiritual conversing?

* Why might be a spiritual society?

To attempt to answer these questions, I recognize the following:

* Spirituality does not concern itself with the past, psychology is rooted in the past.

* Spirituality does not engage the blame-game, psychology thrives on it.

* Spirituality seeks no forgiveness, psychology profits from it.

I introduced the term “Personal Spiritual Realism” some years ago to define for myself a personal path of healing based on the above three core attributes of spirituality.

One Can Know Only As Much Spirituality As Exists Within Oneself.

I honor those who find spirituality in the cosmic reach of their mind, if their brand of spirituality is manifested in their compassion for others. I am also profoundly respectful of those who find spirituality in philosophy and history, if their sense of spirituality leads them to authentic compassion for others. I hold spirituality of individuals in the faith traditions of the world in the same light, as well as spirituality of those with agnostic sensibilities.

For myself, my work in healing has led me to a view of “personal spiritual realism” based on the following three precepts:

* My spirituality in theory and work should be personal, not borrowed or inherited from anyone else.

* My spirituality in theory should be manifest in my day’s work.

* My spirituality should be is based on what I can observe in the natural order of things.

I recognized the above attributes of spirituality that I strive for, fully recognizing my humanness. I have written extensively about (see other articles on the subject at this and my related websites).

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