Live Love, Not Anger

Majid Ali, M.D. 

Human Nature Is Addictive

There were times when I lived anger without knowing. I recognize two problems with living anger: it feeds upon itself, and it is highly addictive. Now I try to live love but do so mostly knowingly. I am grateful that living love is just as addictive as living anger. If so, then the best aspect of spirituality is that it is addictive.

Love and anger are sworn enemies of each other, love in a forgiving way and anger without it. Love has a far greater range than anger or hate. Love goes where anger hates to go.

Why Is Anger Energetically Expensive?

Anger tightens muscles and arteries. That takes energy. The brain cells consume more energy and an angry mind uses energy wastefully. Anger, needless to point out, wrenches one’s guts and gut can wrench only with extra energy.

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