Healing Stories of the Soul’s Sweat


                                                                                          Majid Ali, M.D.

Time heals all wounds. Time, of course, also wounds all heels—all souls, to be more precise. In life pain is inevitable. Suffering often is optional. Some years ago, such thoughts led me to look at tears as the sweat of the soul. In my Soul’s Sweat Series, I offer a selection of my healing stories in my book entitled “Animal Stories Heal” (2014) which can be downloaded from http://www.aliacademy.org.

List of My Favorite Stories (many included in Animal Stories Heal)

* The Sword Story

* I Don’t want Dialysis

* The Cortical Monkey

* The First Lupus Story

* The Second Lupus Story

* Soul’s Sweat Stories

* A Bullet for Hypertension

* Conversations With Angels

* The Bite of the Neck Muscles

* One Coronary Stent for Each Inning

* The Bite of the Grey Dog

* Do You Think He Heard Me?

* Why and How Do Not Matter

* An Encounter With Down’s Syndrome—a Matter of Perception or a Love Story?

* How Could I Be All Stupid If God Is Within Me?

* Giv’ Me Five—Communicating With An Autistic Child

* Mouth Opened, Prescription Delivered

Oxygen Stories

* Oxygen Stories

*Sour Milk

* Sticky Cherries

* Rancid Butter

* Greasy Cooking Pot

* Oxygen Detergent

* A Pothole on a street

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