Healing Words – Part Two

                                                                              Majid Ali, M.D. 

Everyone has healing waves. Sometimes, I try to  capture my waves in words.  

One of my patients pulled out the following words from my writings and gifted them to me. I read them and wondered when, where, and in what state of consciousness I might have written them. I offer them to you with my gratitude to her.

1. “Few things make people more unhappy than the search for happiness.”

2. “True silence never suffocates.”

3. “Chronic thinking paralyzes.”

4. “Health is waking up in the morning with a deep sense of gratitude, not for any particular accomplishment, but for simply being.”

5. “Health is the ability to treasure personal time in silence.”

6. “There is a limit, an absolute limit to how much anyone can suffer before total disintegration.”

7. “…(the) spiritual language of silence which transcends all need for expression.”

8. “An experience can only be experienced.”

9. “Naming things doesn’t change their nature.”

10. “Words irk the mystic and repetition stifles him.”

11. “Healing is not an intellectual function.”

12. “If you want to subjugate a people completely, you must first humiliate them completely.”

13. “I wonder where true hope ends and deception begin.”

14. “A stare can be as eloquent as poetry.”

15. “Hope is a molecular event.”

For more on healing, please consider my book entitled “Healing Voices From the Wild”

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