Healing Words – Part Three

                                                                             Majid Ali, M.D. 

Everyone has healing waves. Sometimes, I try to  capture my waves in words.  

One of my patients pulled out the following words from my writings and gifted them to me. I read them and wondered when, where, and in what state of consciousness I might have written them. I offer them to you with my gratitude to her.

1. “Minor delays in answers often tell us more than many carefully crafted answers.”
2. “The way we look at the world around us determines what our energetic patterns under the skin are.”
3. “Medical statistics are of little relevance to an individual patient.”
* “We take pride in our minds, but healing is not an intellectual function.”
4. Molecular repair and healing are visceral and limbic functions.”

5. “Medicine is a self-correcting discipline.”
6. “How is a state of health replaced with a state of disease?”
7. “Positive thinking…is generally nothing but a euphemism, aften a cruel play on words for the patient in unremitting suffering.”
8. “We can arrest the course of a disease, and with time, reverse it if only we can know it at a biological-intuitive level.”

I must be kind to my heart, so my heart can be kind to me.

If any of these words resonate with you, you might find some more of interest to you in my poetry book entitled “Drone Democracy” available at 1-983-586-4111 and as a digital download at http://www.aliacademy.org.

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