Healing Words – Part One

                                                                                      Majid Ali, M.D.

Everyone has healing waves. Sometimes, I try to  capture my waves in words.


One of my patients pulled out the following words from my writings and gifted them to me. I read them. They were my words. Then I recalled that the voices that brought those words to me belonged to my truest teachers, my patients. I wondered when, where, and in what state of consciousness I might have been when I put those words down on a paper. I offer them to you with my gratitude to her.

1. “One can only know as much divinity as exists within one’s own self.”

2. “The reward for reaching out to someone in need is not what one receives for it, but what one becomes by it.”

3. “People who learn the language of silence heal well.”

4. “…it is the freedom from the need to be free that sets us free.”

5. “Unbearable suffering blocks the way to spiritual growth.”

6. “Regret is a thief – it steals life.”

7. “Nature show no respect for mankind’s need for reductionism and neat classification”

8. “The way we look at the world around us determines the state of our biology (being).”

9. “Mystics abhor clocks.”

10. “A place is far more enchanting when the mind is silent.”

11. “Only the profoundly ignorant deny the possibility of miracles.”

12. “All the body organs are energy fields that resonate with the full field.”

13. “Injured tissues heal with nutrients, not with drugs.”

14. “Life is a cliff, and women have sharper depth perception.”

15. “Energy has a language of its own – a language that transcends the ordinary notions we excel in articulating.”

For more on the subjects, please consider my book entitled “Healing Voices From the Wild” available at http://www.AliBooks.org


  • Many decades ago I was a patient. As the years have gone by I have realized the profound research that Dr. Ali has offered to the world. I WAS blind, but now I see. You once asked me “why do you think I write books?” At the time I had no answer. Today my answer can be found in why evil wants to burn books. Thank you for showing me that one’s desire to change epigenetics through environmental intention does indeed prove that genes are the providence of God. I love you.


  • These are lovely meditations. Thank you!


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