Spicy Protein-Vege Shake for Dr. Ali’s Insulin Weight Loss Plan

     Dr. Ali’s Spicy Breakfast Smoothie

Majid Ali, M.D.

I am a spices enthusiast. I prescribe them for all my patients. My preferred spice prescriptions are in the form of spicey protein shakes or spicy omelettes. Following is the recipe for my spicy protein shake. I suggest that you reduce the amounts of spices by 50% or more when you first try it, then increase the amounts after you know there are no stomach intolerance issues. I expect you would want to skip some spices or change their amounts to see if you make the protein shake taste more desirable for you.

Protein Powder:                 Two heaping tablespoons

Flaxseed                           Two heaping tablespoons

Lecithin (all natural)           One heaping tablespoon

Garlic powder                    One teaspoon

Ginger powder                   One teaspoon

Turmeric                           One teaspoon

Coriander                          One teaspoon

Cinnamon                          One-half teaspoon

Vegetable juice, organic     15 ounces

Water  15 ounces or more to taste

Dr. Ali’s Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle

In all guidelines for natural remedies for preserving health and reversing chronic diseases, I strongly advise readers to follow my Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle. Simply stated, this principle requires that an individual, in trying natural remedies, be cautious and closely observe how the body responds to natural remedies, beginning with small amounts or portions (as low as one-tenth the value on the first day, and doubling them every day until the recommended amount is reached.) If any negative senses are experienced, the item should be discontinued or taken in smaller amounts for longer periods of time to increase tolerance. It is important that a doctor be consulted to rule out the presence of serious coexisting or underlying conditions.

 Please read my article entitled Dr. Ali’s Breakfast for a general discussion of why I recommend I do.

There is never a valid reason for missing breakfast. So strong is my conviction on the subjects of the need and the optimal type of breakfast that I seldom complete a visit with one of my patients without addressing it. Indeed, next to the subject of chronic anger I devote more time energy—and energy— to the matter of “Dr. Ali’s breakfast” than any other subject. In this chapter, I present information about what I consider to be a good breakfast and offer my reasons for my position on the subject.

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